Fajr Polymers is India’s Leading Manufacturer / Exporter of Rubber Mats & Custom Made Rubber Products:

Fajr Polymers has a professional expertise and technology to deliver the finest products to our clients. Whatever is the customer’s need, we have a solution in rubber whether it is  Commercial or Residential Rubber Products.

Who we Are?

For over 11 years, Fajr Polymers has been a leader in manufacturing exporting high quality rubber products like Dairy mats for farming, Rubber-locking and interlocking designs etc.

We customize our services according to our customers interests. We very strongly believe in our human resources as the best of the facilities and raw materials cannot be delivered without trained, experienced, qualified and motivated personnel. Thus all our resources are geared to constantly achieve complete customer satisfaction.

  • Our Vison

    Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality rubber products. Having already created an unshakable niche for ourselves with over 10 years of industry knowledge..Read more

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to ensure total customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness by providing quality rubber products and delivering them to clients promptly. We find just the right answer to our clients specific questions..Read more

  • Objective

    The company aims not just to be considered as a leading supplier of quality materials but also to develop partnership with its clients and manufacturers. Delivering the best quality, proper customer care..Read more

Our Products

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What Our Customers Say

See what Fajr Polymers clients have to say about a variety of products & services that we provided.

  • I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the great products, I think the product & service is really good. I was with a competitor and Fajr Polymers were lower in rate, my friend was with the competitor and her rate was much higher.

    Teresa Sievers
  • I really appreciate Fajr Polymers, Many thanks for your help and excellent. I look forward to recommending you to friends. Your concern & attention to detail have been outstanding! Keep up the good product & service!

    Ramza Ali
  • I just started and to be honest I like Fajr Polymers, I enjoy your services. So far anyone I have dealt with from your company has been on a very professional basis. You do what you can to reach out and make the customer happy.

    Mike Alex
  • I have to say that all aspects of my interactions with Fajr Polymers have been great – from your direct service and focus on me as customer, to timely and flexible logistics. Thank you for the excellent.

    Margaret Biblis
  • We’d like to pass on feedback for the Fajr Polymers Team, they were amazingly professional, polite, prompt and efficient. Explained everything and I can’t imagine how they could have made the experience any smoother.

    David Edman

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