About Us


For over 11 years, Fajr Polymers has been a leader in manufacturing exporting high quality rubber products like Dairy mats for farming, Rubber-locking and interlocking designs, Horse mats, Restaurant mats, Industrial mats, Polypropylene Mats,coir mats, gym Mats, colour mats, pavement tiles etc. and we also play a key role in Plastic Manufacturing.

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We customize our services according to our customers interests. We very strongly believe in our human resources as the best of the facilities and raw materials cannot be delivered without trained, experienced, qualified and motivated personnel. Thus all our resources are geared to constantly achieve complete customer satisfaction.

We believe in our customers as we trust and completely subscribe to the philosophy that the reason of our existence is the customer’s confidence in us and we do everything possible to live up to the expectation from them, by providing cost effective, yet quality products to them on time.

Our company always works towards achieving total customer satisfaction. It is committed to give clients, product and service excellence by providing on time delivery and consistent products. All products pass through quality testing at every step of the production process-starting from the selection of raw materials to the completion of the final product.

Thus, ensuring that each and every unit that goes out of the production is in its best quality.

01. Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality rubber products. Having already created an unshakable niche for ourselves with over 10 years of industry knowledge, Fajr polymers aims to establish its presence worldwide embracing modern methodologies and evolving strategies, enabling us to provide our clients with the state of art manufacturing facilities and supply of highly customized rubber products. We are capable of delivering to them on large scale. An accumulation of know how plus constant research during a period of 16 years has enabled Fajr polymers to bring the full weight of its specialized knowledge to the table of our clients.


Our mission is to ensure total customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness by providing quality rubber products and delivering them to clients promptly. We find just the right answer to our clients specific questions. Since the very beginning, our growth has been due to the individual attention and customized solutions. We strive to provide each one of our customers- large and small. So if you find yourself fishing for a solution, or are on the lookout for a reliable supply partner capable of offering consistent and reliable supply backed by competitive quotes for your orders, you can always turn to us.
The sole objective of promoting this firm is to supply world class quality rubber products discerning buyers world wide.

03. Objectives

The company aims not just to be considered as a leading supplier of quality materials but also to develop partnership with its clients and manufacturers.

Delivering the best quality, proper customer care, promptness in communication and shipment are the key factors, which gives us an excellent reputation worldwide. Our creativity and innovative ideas are in pace with changing trends, names and technology. Together with our shared value system of commitment to excellence, closeness to customers and the spirit of innovation, we have been able to build a firm bond with our customers.


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