Social responsibility & why we go for eco-friendly products?

Social responsibility & why we go for eco-friendly products?

Our eco-friendly mats are made from recycled and natural rubbers. Best of all is the amazing versatility of our products. Many of our eco-friendly flooring options are so durable and resilient that they are perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor applications. Due to the use of recycled materials, by choosing to use our products you can help conserve the earth’s limited resources without having to sacrifice good quality flooring. And because of the malleability of the

materials we use, our products are available in many colors, gauges, and styles—such as individual eco-friendly mats, interlocking tiles, etc. Versatility is important; that’s why we offer products for almost every flooring need!

Our eco-friendly mats can be used for all sorts of applications, whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial in nature. Use this eco-friend flooring as gym surfacing, for playgrounds, out on your patio, or to cover commercial walkways that are exposed to the elements—whatever the case may be these mats are up to the task!

Eco-friendly mats should be used by any consumer who seeks to minimize their impact on the environment. Their durability and resilience speak for themselves as it’s highly versatile surfacing option will be easy to install and easy to maintain.

Our eco-friendly flooring is a truly “Green” product because we aim to provide durability, functionality, and comfort, all while being environmentally conscious with both our production methods as well as our material sources. Many of the materials we use in our mats makes our flooring options very affordable.

On top of that many of our products also offer qualities like sub-flooring protection, slip resistance, and water resistance, which makes it very easy to see the true value of our eco-friendly mats. Outdoor or indoor applications—light or heavy use—our mats will stand up to

nearly any challenge all while providing convenience and superior quality.