Social Responsibility

We are placed in Kottayam which is already known as the “Rubber City of India” which produces the best quality rubber in the world.

And on the other hand, Fajr Polymers industry is placed in the rubber hub of India where the world’s best quality of rubber is available and cultivated in 1000 of acres, where we require a large number of staff to cultivate and we make sure that the below poverty line people also work for us in order to help the unemployment and to reach the standard of living.

As we know that the rubber production trees are the earth’s most greatest natural resources, Fajr Polymers always keeps in mind the concept of “GO GREEN” to protect the environment and also to plant more trees for the future generation. As we know that the wants of the human are sufficient to fulfil the present generation, but also to meet the requirements of the future generation we always have activities like planting trees with certain programmes to give the knowledge and classes about planting trees and many more.

The huge acres of plantation of rubber industries provides renewable raw materials & also absorbs the carbon emission which brings benefits to the social and economic society as well as to the country.



As we are connected to the society, its being our duty to strive for the ethical background of greener environment with strictly eco-friendly practices.

Fajr Polymers very strongly participates in the social welfare programmes for the employees and staffs like planting & charity programmes to support the society where we are put on.